About Us

Back in 1960, Espino Nieto started forming alliances with law firms based on other parts of the world, opening a pathway to the international legal market. We kept strong working relationships with various law firms.

Collaborating with big law firms in key areas of the world was a unique experience that further developed our working methods and our firm’s vision. Espino Nieto’s philosophy–forming genuine, long-lasting relationships with our clients continues to best represent our distinguished way of conducting business.

We consider ourselves strategic partners of our clients. As their lawyers, we participate in their projects and work together to achieve the highest results. From the outset, we focus on helping them secure their Intellectual Property assets. A big part of this endeavour consists of providing legal consultation to government institutions in order to have a sound legal framework in which we can secure our clients’ legal interests.

We consider ourselves strategic partners of our clients

Espino Nieto has played a vital role in the evolution of legal protection, which serves as a key factor for foreign investment and economic growth in El Salvador.